Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Broadcast - Live (1997-2005)


As we patiently wait for the next Broadcast album to come and make our lives better I thought I might post this little collection of live tracks that have been accumulating on my computer. 18 cuts in all;

KEXP Session (2005)
01 I Found The F
02 Corporeeal
03 Black Cat
04 America's Boy

Lamacq Session (1997)
05 Come On Let's Go
06 Look Outside
07 The Book Lovers
08 Lights Out

Peel Session (2000)
09 Long Was The Year
10 Echo's Answer
11 Where Youth & Laughter Go I Am Not Welcome

Queen Elizabeth Hall (1998)
12 Intro
13 Come On Let's Go
14 Look Outside
15 Papercuts

One Music Session (2005)
16 America's Boy
17 Michael A. Grammer
18 Tender Buttons

Enjoy! And if you don't yet own their albums, go out and buy them all right now.


Broadcast - Live said...

Thanks a lot!
This is a real good compilation of rare tracks by the very good band BROADCAST!
If you love the band too, you can also try out this:
Or download the music directly from:

Honey Glazed said...

Oh.. very nice yourself. Those Black Sessions sound fantastic! Thanks

cletus_buckley said...

thanks to both, checking out now. dont think there ever played ireland, hopefully one day maybe