Monday, July 28, 2008

Joe Meek - I Hear A New World (1960)


Basically, Joe Meek assembled a group he christened The Blue Men for the recording of I Hear a New World, insisting that they dress in silver space suits and paint themselves blue. He communicated his ideas for the album through recordings of himself humming the tunes and playing out the rhythms by tapping a spoon on a plate. Unfortuneatly, Joe was completely tone deaf and blessed with absolutely no music ability to speak of. The incongruity of moronically tuneless humming and randomly spoon-smacked plates has made these tapes legendary.

The basic ingredients for the recording of the album were a Hawaiian guitar (an highly off the wall instrument for a country band at the time), The Blue Men rhythm section and a deliberately out of tune piano. Meek fleshed out the songs with treatments of the sounds of bubbles blown through drinking straws, his toilet flushing backwards and electrical circuits shorted together.

If all this sweetness doesn't make you want to check this album out, nothing will. And I give up on you.


Avant@Heart! said...

I hear a new world calling me...
Thanks for this sweetness!

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