Sunday, February 10, 2008

Serge Gainsbourg - Les Annees Psychedeliques (1966-1971)


All of that sloppy french sexiness from the last Mr. Flash post sure got my juices flowing... so in keeping with that moist, gushy theme I figure I'd post this tasty sweet treat. You know in France, even today, food is generally eaten by hand, meats being sliced off large pieces held between the thumb and two fingers. Their sauces are highly seasoned and thick, heavily flavored mustards pies are also a common banquet item, with the crust serving primarily as a container, rather than as food itself, and it was not until the very end of the Late Middle Ages that the shortcrust pie was developed. Meals often end with an issue de table, which has now evolved into the modern dessert, and typically consists of dragees (in the Middle Ages meaning spiced lumps of hardened sugar or honey), aged cheese and spiced wine, such as hypocras! So I suppose one could deduce that the French invented dessert - and this album is kinda like dessert for the ears... Weird huh?

This package pulls together some of the best tracks by Serge from a host of late 60s and early 70s albums -- including some of his super-rare French soundtrack work -- from movies that include Le Pacha, Anna, Ce Sacre Grand-Pere, Cannabis, and Manon 70! The double-length set is overflowing with great grooves, tracks done with that subtly funky style that Serge cooked up with arrangers Michel Colombier and Jean-Claude Vannier. All topped with that breathy, nearly-spoken style that makes Gainsbourg so great. A few of the most break-heavy cuts are even presented with special bonus beats.

Titles include "Requiem Pour Un Con", "Je N'Avais Qu'Un Seul Mot A Lui Dire", "New Delire", "Pas Mal Pal Mal Du Tout", "Chanson Du Forcat", "Danger", "Premiere Blessure", "L'Alouette", "No No Yes Yes", "Breakdown Suite", "Psychastenie", "Boomerang", "Photographes Et Religieuses", "Generique Pop 2", and "En Melody"

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mr. Flash - Monsieur Sexe (2005)


Voici quelques bouts doux de préparation de potage : Dans le grand pot, faites cuire le lard jusqu'à ce que des chips. Transfert à la serviette de papier et mis de côté. Jetez tout sauf la graisse de 1 cuiller à soupe du pot. Ajoutez les carottes, les poblanos, l'oignon, les jalapenos, l'ail et le cumin ; sauté jusqu'au brun d'or.

Ajoutez les pommes de terre, le bouillon de poulet et le sel. Apportez pour bouillir. Réduisez la chaleur pour maintenir doux fermentent, couvrent le pot et le cuisinier pendant 25 minutes, ou jusqu'aux pommes de terre sont tendres. Dans la cuvette, battez graduellement le lait dans la farine jusqu'à ce que le mélange soit lisse. Battez lentement le mélange de lait dans le potage. Faites cuire la chaleur moyenne finie, remuant de temps en temps, jusqu'à ce que du potage soit épaissi, environ 12 minutes. Enlevez le pot de la chaleur. Ajoutez les fromages, remuant jusqu'à fondu. Émiettez-vous le lard réservé. Puisez le potage dans des cuvettes et complétez avec le lard et l'oignon vert.

I have no idea what all that sexy french talk is about, nor do I really care... all you need to know is that you should go ahead and download this fantastic little promo release. It's chock-full of fuzzy french goodness.. managing to slide in and out of a handful of classics, including tracks like Serge's L'hotel Particulier, a personal fave.