Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Kinks - Rare, Unreleased, Demos, Outtakes & More (1963-1969)


The Kinks, probably more than most of the great Sixties British bands, have too often been the victims of merciless, and at times brainless recycling at the hands of record labels.
Here are many of their lesser known works and alternate recordings. A good few of these have appeared on bootlegs, and American releases such as the ‘Kink Kronikles’ and ‘Great Lost Kinks Album’. Others were recorded for albums that never quite materialized (ie. Dave Davies solo album) or were only available only in demo form.

In recent years, the Castle reissues have resurrected some of these as bonus tracks. For the uninitiated, this can be frustrating, because no attempt has been made to explain the origins of songs, or place them into a meaningful context. 34 tracks in all, track listing in comments.


Honey Glazed said...

01 Ballad Of The Virgin Soldiers
02 I'm A Hog For You, Baby
03 I Believed You
04 Revenge (alternate version)
05 I Don't Need You Any More (previously unreleased)
06 Don't Ever Let Me Go
07 This I Know
08 A Little Bit Of Sunlight
09 Tell Me Now So I'll Know
10 There's A New World Just Opening For Me
11 I Go To Sleep (demo)
12 All Night Stand
13 Time Will Tell
14 Spotty Grotty Anna (backing track only)
15 And I Will Love You
16 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
17 Mr. Reporter (alternate version)
18 Stand On My Shoes
19 Lavender Hill
20 Rosemary Rose
21 Misty Water (outtake)
22 Did You See His Name
23 Where Did My Spring Go (BBC TV)
24 Til Death Do Us Part
25 Pictures In The Sand (BBC TV)
26 When I Turn Off the Living Room Light
27 Easy Come, There You Went ('Arthur' outtake)
28 Are You Ready Girl
29 Do You Wish To Be A Man
30 I'm Crying
31 Groovy Movies
32 Mindless Child Of Motherhood
33 Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter
34 This Man He Weeps Tonight (unreleased)

OFFICE said...

this album really makes me happy

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could you reup?