Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tellier/Oizo/Sebastian - Steak (2007)


Steak is an experimental mainstream feature film that has sprung from the deranged mind of Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo) and is co-produced by French celebrities Eric & Ramzy. The soundtrack consists of 21 iconoclastic pieces influenced by classic French soundtracks (Francois de Roubaix, Hubert Rostaing, Vladimir Cosma, and Raymond Lefevre for "La Soupe Aux Choux"), a few epiphanies typical of the new French electro scene, and some totally assumed cravings for pop.

21 mini-scenes, between 40’ and 2’30 long (only ‘Expoités’ lasts over 3 minutes) that regenerate the world of soundtracks in a colorful, springy and quirky way.